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I’ve been a busy little elf!

It’s been a while! I spent most of December making Christmas presents, and then the holidays were so busy I didn’t even have time to keep up on reading blogs, let alone posting. I have a bit of a backlog of year-end posts to read – it’s so fun to see all the outfits everyone’s made over the last year! I guess it’s a bit late to do one myself, plus I don’t think I have enough finished garments to pick 5 hits and 5 misses.

Anyway, here are the products of my labour for December:

Softies Only a Mother Could Love

Creatures made of various cotton scraps and organic cotton waffle knit. Pattern from More Softies Only a Mother Could Love. These were for my two one-year-old nieces. They enjoy chewing on the ears.

Softies Only a Mother Could Love

Alien giraffes made out of more scraps and some wool felt. Pattern from Softies Only a Mother Could Love. These were for my two four-year-old nieces.

I love how cute these toys turned out, but they were so fiddly to make. Turning the bodies right side out was a bit of a nightmare. If I ever make toys again, they will have to be giant!

IMG_4920 (800x533)

A camera strap cover with pocket for the lens cap. The wave texture on top is from this tutorial.

IMG_4928 (800x533)

A hat and some fingerless gloves. The hat pattern is a variation of Jared Flood’s Turn a Square.

Softies Only a Mother Could Love

Time for some selfish sewing! And, yes, that’s a Minoru in the background 🙂 Post coming soon! Along with several other FOs I need to take pictures of. Happy New Year!