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MMM ’13 – Weeks 3 and 4

So I didn’t quite meet my challenge of three days a week for Me-Made-May, but it’s not entirely my fault. I got a nasty stomach flu last Sunday, so I’ve been in pyjamas and sweatpants all week. I haven’t been this sick in over a decade! Hopefully I’ll be able to build up some immunity to all those child germs now that I’ll be seeing my nieces and nephew more often 🙂

Truth be told, I would have had trouble anyway even if I hadn’t gotten sick because I just don’t have enough items yet. I was planning on making some during May, but it’s just been such a busy month! Anyway, enough excuses. Here are my last three outfits for MMM ’13, all hand-knits and repeats because I haven’t had time to sew.

MMM '13MMM '13MMM '13

May 18th: Hand-knit diamond lace cardigan, skirt – Heartland Skirt by Simon’s Rose on Etsy, necklace3dots on Etsy, cami – some discount store at the mall (I can’t remember). Worn to the fair with my nieces and nephew.
May 21st: Hand-knit cashmere wrap sweater, top – me-made, skirt jersey maxi. Worn to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch.
May 23rd: Hand-knit Henslowe Shawl, topRenfrew, skirt – Anthropologie. I think I went to the yarn store on this day, but I can’t remember.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s outfits for MMM! It’s so fun to see how real people style their hand-made items as opposed to unrealistic magazine photo shoots. Hopefully I’ll have better luck for the next challenge!

MMM ’13 – Week 2

I did better this week because I went to Albuquerque on the weekend for my brother’s convocation, and airports are freezing, so I was able to wear more me-mades! I’m one ahead now!

May 10th: Teal Tiramisu and hand-knit sweater (pre-blog, Ravelry notes here). The Tiramisu was so comfy for 12 hours of travel!
May 11th: Raindrop Laurel, worn to my brother’s convocation
May 12th: topBasic Renfrew, skirtHeartland Skirt by Simon’s Rose on Etsy, worn while packing up the moving truck since my brother and his family are moving within driving distance now that he’s finished school (yay!)
May 14th: cardigan – hand-knit (pre-blog, Ravelry notes here), skirt – Anthropologie, worn to Stitch ‘n’ Bitch

The weather is no longer summery here, so I should be able to find more me-made items to wear for the next week. Mixed blessings, I guess.

MMM ’13 – Week 1

I’ve already cheated! My first “week” of Me-Made-May is 8 days. It’s just been so hot here that I hardly had anything me-made and weather-appropriate! I was planning on wearing some of my handmade sweaters for the first week or two, at least in the evenings, while I sewed some summery items for late May, but it’s been beach weather instead!

MMM '13 Cambie Dress MMM '13 Laurel DressMMM '13 tank top

May 4th: Garden Party Cambie Dress that I wore for my birthday dinner #1

May 6th: Raindrop Laurel Dress for birthday dinner #2

May 8th: Self-drafted tank top with shelf bra (just finished today, to be blogged soon), skirt: Anthropologie, necklace: 3dots on Etsy

I definitely need to make some more tank tops if the weather’s going to continue like this. I didn’t expect week one to be such a challenge!