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Pyjama Party!

I can’t believe I’m posting pictures of myself in pyjamas on the internet, but I didn’t want to be left out of all the fun of Karen’s Pyjama Party! So, here they are:

sewaholic tofino pants

Pattern: Sewaholic Tofino Pants
Size: 0 (my measurements didn’t quite match the chart, but they’re pyjama pants, right?)
Fabric: Organic cotton interlock, my own design on Spoonflower, trim: turquoise organic cotton jersey from Harts Fabric

These pyjamas are by far the comfiest I’ve ever had! My old ones were getting pretty ratty, and they didn’t even stay up properly anymore, so it was definitely time for a new pair. I designed a fabric on Spoonflower for the main part of the pants with positive affirmations because, really, who doesn’t need little reminders to look on the bright side? Plus, you can only wear a fabric like this around the house, so pyjamas were a perfect use for it!

sewaholic tofino pants

A copycat picture like Tasia’s – turquoise accents and all!

The bow and piping are done in a lightweight organic jersey. I decided to do flat piping for comfort (and because it seemed easier). The two side seams are a bit bulky, but that’s probably because of the thicker fabric I used. The pattern recommends lightweight fabrics, and now I know why! I had a few problems with the thickness of the interlock, but nothing major. I trimmed the waistband pretty aggressively, so it doesn’t feel too thick, but my needle really struggled going through all those layers. I have a lot of skipped stitches, especially at the hem where the needle had to go through 9 layers of interlock plus 6 layers of jersey where the piping was. My poor needle just couldn’t handle it, and I couldn’t find any heavier ballpoint needles at the store.

sewaholic tofino pants

The pants are a bit long because when I looked at the finished measurements, it said inseam: 32″, so I thought, oh good, that’s the length I get in jeans. It didn’t occur to me that the inseam starts a bit lower on loose-fitting pants. Oops.

sewaholic tofino pants

I made a matching top out of the same turquoise jersey I used for the contrast on the pants. I decided to try Maria Denmark’s Kimono Tee since I like a looser fit around the shoulders for lounging and I was curious about the pattern. It’s super comfortable for lounging, but I don’t think it’s really my style for wearing out of the house.

Pillow fight! Thank you, Karen, for hosting the pyjama party! I’m looking forward to checking out everyone else’s creations!