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Cloud 9 with a silver lining

IMG_5618 (533x800)

Pattern: Midsummer Night’s Dream by Papercut Patterns
Fabric: 100% organic cotton – Cloud9 Palos Verdes Voile in Abalone Cove
Size: XXS
Modifications: Same as my first version, plus I lowered the back by 1″ and sewed down the ties to make double thin straps

This pattern is back again already! I’ve been wearing my first version a lot for Me-Made-May, so I decided to make a second one right away. Plus, it’s part of my Wardrobe Architect plans, so it’s practical 😉

I love the watercolour effect of this print. Pale orange and peach are not my best colours, but it’s just so pretty that I had to make a summer dress! It reminds me of my favourite dress that I had when I was three, my “bubble dress”, that had rainbow coloured bubbles all over it. This dress just makes me happy when I put it on!

I did french seams throughout because I love the clean finish, but I didn’t bother with print matching at all – I just don’t enjoy that like some people do!

Papercut patterns Midsummer Night's Dream dress

Papercut patterns Midsummer Night's Dream dress Cloud 9 Abalone Cove Papercut patterns Midsummer Night's Dream dress Papercut patterns Midsummer Night's Dream dress  Papercut patterns Midsummer Night's Dream dress

Silver Lining shrug:

Yarn: 50% wool/50% silk Handmaiden Fine Yarn Lady Godiva in Smoke
Pattern: my own
Ravelry notes here

This yarn is so soft and has a gorgeous silvery sheen with warm golden tones to it when it catches the light. The pattern turned out more-or-less how I envisioned it: a bit slouchy and casual, but still a bit dressy too. It goes with pretty much everything, so it’s the perfect topper for spring and summer dresses on cooler mornings and evenings.

IMG_5615 (533x800)

IMG_5611 (533x800)

IMG_5626 (533x800)

A Cozy Maxi Skirt

What could be cozier than a jersey maxi skirt? I have a closet full of “dressy” items, but I end up wearing ratty sweatpants all day since I work from home. They’re comfortable, they’re cozy, and they’re ugly. Enter the jersey maxi. As comfortable as sweatpants (comfier, in fact), but dressy enough to leave the house in without feeling like a total slob. Win-win! I plan to make a bunch more of these.

Organic Cotton Jersey Maxi Skirt Organic Cotton Jersey Maxi Skirt

Pattern: generally followed Megan Nielsen’s tutorial for a jersey maxi skirt

Fabric: 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex from Dressew in Vancouver

This should have been the simplest project of all time, but it was way more difficult than the Tiramisu Dress just because of the fabric! I fought with this stuff the whole way through. It curled, it moved, it grew, and it rejected all forms of order. The hem still flips up. I started out trying to do a separate waistband with a gathered skirt, but the waistband grew by over 6″ as I sewed it! So I just kept it simple and tried to wrangle the fabric into submission. Oh well, it’s grey, so at least it will go with everything. Plus, it is super-soft and cozy.