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Strata Socks

Sheepish Grin Knit Company

Yarn: Sheepish Grin Knit Company Sheepish Feet Deluxe in Asarum Canadense
Pattern: my own
Ravelry notes here.

I made these in October while I was at Knit City, it just took me this long to get around to photographing them. I really need to work on that…

For the pattern, I did stripes of various textures using basic knit and purl stitches (ribbing, seed stitch, stocking stitch, and garter) plus cables. The look kind of reminds me of rock strata, so that’s what I named them!

The first sock was super easy because I was just making it up as I went along, but on the second sock, I kept forgetting to switch to the next stripe, so there was a lot of frogging. Maybe I should have done random mismatching striped socks. I like my knitting to be mindless with minimal counting 🙂

The yarn is from Sheepish Grin Knit Company and it’s super soft and squishy – perfect for socks!

Sheepish Grin Knit Company Sheepish Grin Knit Company Sheepish Grin Knit Company

Sheepish Grin Knit CompanySheepish Grin Knit Company