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Anima Pants

It’s been a while! I guess that’s the great thing about blogging as a hobby versus a job. If life gets busy, or I just don’t feel like posting, I don’t have to! I do have several pieces to share with you over the next week, so maybe I’m just a binge blogger. I disappear for a month and then inundate your reader with lots of posts. Sorry!

Anyway, I started June with Back to Basics week, but I ended up having no time to sew that week, and I think I am the slowest sewist of all time, so I extended it into Back to Basics month for myself. I only made a camisole (self-drafted), tank top (modified Renfrew with gathers at the neckline), and Anima Pants (all shown below). I know a lot of sewists could get that list done in a day, but hey, that’s my pace. I need to learn to accept that and stop comparing myself to others. Oh, and a bikini. I almost forgot about that one! That’s coming in the next post.

Onto the Anima Pants! These are seriously the coziest, comfiest pants I have ever worn. I am quickly becoming a Papercut addict.

anima pants papercut patterns

Pattern: Anima Pants by Papercut Patterns
Fabric: 100% organic cotton interlock
Size: XXS (true to size)
Modifications: none

I used a fairly thick cotton interlock with no stretch, and I’m happy with how they fit. The only problem is that the butt gets a bit baggy after wear because I used fabric with no recovery.

anima pants papercut patterns

anima pants papercut patterns

Not much else to say about these pants except that they are going to get worn a lot! I’m just not sure about the whole track pants as fashion thing. I will wear these around the house for sure, and most likely to go for a walk or do yoga, but probably not to the store. How do you feel about track pants beyond their activewear/loungewear purpose?

I still had fun styling them for the competition, though! It was like playing dress-up in my own closet. I can definitely see myself wearing them with a slouchy sweater or throwing on a scarf or hand-knit cowl or shawl to walk to yoga. I tried to keep it realistic to my life. I don’t wear heels with dresses, so I’m not about to wear them with track pants!

(Yes, those are my handmade shoes that now look about 10 years old, and no, I still haven’t fixed the soles or tried to clean them, but I can’t stop wearing them – they’re so comfy! Now I’m thinking maybe I should have put on nicer shoes for the photos. Oh well!)

anima pants papercut patterns

anima pants papercut patterns



Ooh la leggings

I almost didn’t post this (who wants pictures of themselves in leggings all over the internet?), but there aren’t very many reviews of this pattern, so I decided to just do it and crop out my face – that makes it okay, right? 😉

First of all, let me just say that leggings are not the “easiest thing you can sew” as some people claim. This was an epic fit battle that started with me trying to draft my own pattern following various tutorials online. There was bunching and pulling and pinching of all kinds, and it wasn’t pretty. I had no idea leggings could actually be more uncomfortable than pants, but I managed to make some that were!

As one last shot, I decided to try Papercut’s Ooh La Leggings, and they fit (almost) perfectly right out of the envelope! I was ecstatic! For my first pair (navy, below), I used 100% organic cotton interlock with no stretch and they were just right. I was worried they would be too big since some other reviewers mentioned that, but I guess fabric choice has a lot to do with it. I was also expecting them to be too high around the waist, and extra loose there because of the positive ease (weird for leggings), but the top is almost 3″ below my natural waist, which cancels out the extra fabric because it sits on my hips. So I guess I was just lucky those factors happened to cancel out on me! Also, I didn’t find them too long like some people mentioned, but this could be because my fabric is not vertically stretchy. I’m 5’7″ by the way.

The only things I changed for my second pair were to take out a tiny bit of the front sides to make the side seam more vertical (it was leaning toward the back), and I lowered the front by 1″ to make it level with the back). Modifications pictured below. I made the second pair out of 100% wool interlock (again, no stretch) from Nature’s Fabrics. Described as “taupe”, but in reality the colour kind of reminds me of a hundred-year-old teddy bear – not a pretty brown. But at least they’re warm!

Okay, time for pictures. I hope this helps someone who might be thinking of making these! Sorry for the VPL. I made size XXS, which matched my measurements, and I used a twin needle to top-stitch all the seams.

5 (800x533)

Papercut Patterns Ooh la leggings

2 (533x800)

Papercut Patterns Ooh La Leggings

4 (533x800)