Portside Travel Set

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Pattern: Portside Travel Set by Grainline Studio
Fabric: Parson Grey World Tour in TAIPEI – smoke and FIJI – shell (45% cotton/55% linen), undyed organic cotton canvas, and “craft cotton” lining from Fabricland
Hardware: Emmaline Bags

I won this pattern in a giveaway at Cut Cut Sew for her blogiversary a few months ago. I still can’t believe I won. I’ve never won anything before. Thank you so much, Kelly!

I was originally planning on block printing in several different colours, but that ended up being a total fail. You can see the evidence on Instagram here and here. I was going to try over-dyeing it in a solid colour, but I needed a break from dyeing at that point, so I decided to do some stash-shopping. I used some fabric that ended up not being right for another project, and was taking up space in my cupboard. I’m not totally sure how I feel about the end result. It seems a bit tiki to me, but maybe I just need to let it rest for a bit. Sometimes that helps.

I couldn’t find any 1 1/4″ D-rings, so I used 1 1/2″ and I made the straps instead of using webbing. It took way longer than I expected! Lining up the print really tested my patience, and to save fabric I didn’t bother for the back of the strap, not realizing that it folds over and is visible on one end. Oops!

Grainline Portside Travel Set

I interfaced with another layer of fabric, but I probably should have interfaced the front pockets as well since the fabric I used is kind of floppy. I hand-stitched the lining to the dopp kit, as the instructions said to do, but I decided to machine stitch when I made the main bag. I’m not sure it really saved me any time!

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Emmaline Bags also has some really cool decorative hardware, so I got some zipper pulls that say “handmade” and “handcrafted” and a bag label for the front that says “Handcrafted – MADE IN CANADA” (she also has MADE IN THE USA labels too). I think it really makes the bag look more professional as long, as no one looks too closely at my wonky rectangle around it – I just couldn’t get the edges straight no matter how hard I tried! All of the hardware I got seems really sturdy and high quality. It was so nice to be able to order something and not pay insane shipping fees for once since she’s located in Canada. You U.S. residents don’t know how lucky you are to not pay double for everything!

Grainline Portside Travel SetΒ  Grainline Portside Travel Set

So, where am I going, you ask? On a road trip to Portland and San Francisco, and yes, there will be some fabric shopping! So I need some recommendations from any of you who live near there or have visited. Fabric stores? Yarn stores? Good vegetarian restaurants? Anything else that is definitely worth checking out? Please share!

Grainline Portside Travel Set


13 thoughts on “Portside Travel Set

  1. Kelly

    I think it’s gorgeous, I bet it will grow on you after some time has passed…I live in Portland, I’ll send you an email- if you are looking for fabric shopping and vegetarian restaurants Portland is the place to be!!

  2. Anne

    Hi! I’m in San Francisco, and the best fabric store is Britex, and yarn stores are Imaginknits in the Castro and A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland (across the bridge). Have a great trip!

  3. crab&bee

    I’m getting more Scandinavian/Japanese than tiki! Happy travels with you new bag. I went to Portland a couple of months ago and really enjoyed digging at SCRAP (creative re-use place with lots of vintage patterns and some fabric) as well as Bolt and Modern Domestic.

    1. Chantal Post author

      Oh, that’s good! I like both of those styles πŸ˜€ Thanks for the recommendations! I’m going to have to start a list!

  4. Carolyn

    Chantal, this set is *gorgeous*. Well done!! I’m not getting a tiki vibe at all – instead I think it looks really classic, sophisticated, and professional. The custom hardware is the best part – great choices!

    Have a wonderful trip! Sadly I don’t have any recommendations for the west coast, but I’ll be looking forward to pictures of your fabric haul. πŸ™‚

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thank you! Classic with a twist was what I was aiming for. I’m actually starting to like it more each time I look at it, so that’s good. The tiki vibe is fading, ha ha! There will definitely be a fabric haul, and I will post pictures when I get back πŸ™‚


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