Summer is here!

I’m so behind on reading blogs! It’s really tough to keep up in the summer since I spend most of my spare time at the beach 🙂

I “drafted” this bikini last summer by holding the fabric against my body, taking some measurements, and then transferring them to paper. I’m not sure if this is a proper method, but stretch fabric is just so forgiving that I don’t think it really matters! I tweaked the pattern a bit for this year, but it’s very similar: ruching at the back, keyholes with ties at the sides of the bottoms and at the center of the top. I used Sophie’s method for the straps  – a brilliant method of keeping the seam line at the back of the strap. I didn’t make them detachable, though. The straps ended up being really sturdy! They passed the test of my two-year-old niece tugging on them – no flashing!

20140626_175736 (800x790)

I used white swimsuit fabric as lining since the lining fabric at my local chain store was crazy expensive and looked really cheap. I got both the lining and the outer fabric from The Fabric Fairy. I highly recommend them – this swim fabric feels high quality and the prices are low. Even their shipping prices to Canada are pretty reasonable if you order enough for several swimsuits at a time.

I wasn’t brave enough to model the practice swimsuit I made last year, but after seeing so many swimsuits popping up around the blogs, I had to join in! I decided to take the pictures from a distance and keep my face covered, though. That makes it okay, right? Ha!

1 (800x702)

2 (800x600)

I thought this tree would be a perfect spot for a picture, but it was slippery and I almost fell in!

3 (800x600)

4 (777x800)

Baby duckies!!!



24 thoughts on “Summer is here!

  1. Jillian

    Wow this is amazing. And you so casually drafted by holding it against your body! How does that even work out, believe me it wouldn’t if it was me. You look great.

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks, Jillian! It really isn’t that complicated. I have no idea what I’m doing. It only works because the fabric is stretchy.

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks! It really isn’t that complicated. Maybe I’ll put together a quick post showing how I do it. I use the same method for making tank tops out of knits. It’s basically just guess and check – nothing fancy!

  2. Sophie

    I love this bikini so much! It looks so pro, and I was reading through trying to find the pattern you used because I want one just the same but of course you drafted this pretty yourself!

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks, Sophie! 😀 I like bikinis with full cheek coverage, but I couldn’t find any patterns or RTW that fit the bill, so I was left with only one option!

  3. Carolyn

    This looks fantastic! Like others have said, I’m so impressed that you drafted this yourself. There is a lot of talent happening on this blog between your swimwear-drafting, sweater-drafting, etc. 🙂 Looks like you had a great day at the beach too!

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks, Carolyn! Knits are pretty forgiving, so it’s not nearly as complicated as drafting for wovens – I’m not ready to attempt that yet!


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