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Portside Travel Set

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Pattern: Portside Travel Set by Grainline Studio
Fabric: Parson Grey World Tour in TAIPEI – smoke and FIJI – shell (45% cotton/55% linen), undyed organic cotton canvas, and “craft cotton” lining from Fabricland
Hardware: Emmaline Bags

I won this pattern in a giveaway at Cut Cut Sew for her blogiversary a few months ago. I still can’t believe I won. I’ve never won anything before. Thank you so much, Kelly!

I was originally planning on block printing in several different colours, but that ended up being a total fail. You can see the evidence on Instagram here and here. I was going to try over-dyeing it in a solid colour, but I needed a break from dyeing at that point, so I decided to do some stash-shopping. I used some fabric that ended up not being right for another project, and was taking up space in my cupboard. I’m not totally sure how I feel about the end result. It seems a bit tiki to me, but maybe I just need to let it rest for a bit. Sometimes that helps.

I couldn’t find any 1 1/4″ D-rings, so I used 1 1/2″ and I made the straps instead of using webbing. It took way longer than I expected! Lining up the print really tested my patience, and to save fabric I didn’t bother for the back of the strap, not realizing that it folds over and is visible on one end. Oops!

Grainline Portside Travel Set

I interfaced with another layer of fabric, but I probably should have interfaced the front pockets as well since the fabric I used is kind of floppy. I hand-stitched the lining to the dopp kit, as the instructions said to do, but I decided to machine stitch when I made the main bag. I’m not sure it really saved me any time!

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Emmaline Bags also has some really cool decorative hardware, so I got some zipper pulls that say “handmade” and “handcrafted” and a bag label for the front that says “Handcrafted – MADE IN CANADA” (she also has MADE IN THE USA labels too). I think it really makes the bag look more professional as long, as no one looks too closely at my wonky rectangle around it – I just couldn’t get the edges straight no matter how hard I tried! All of the hardware I got seems really sturdy and high quality. It was so nice to be able to order something and not pay insane shipping fees for once since she’s located in Canada. You U.S. residents don’t know how lucky you are to not pay double for everything!

Grainline Portside Travel Set  Grainline Portside Travel Set

So, where am I going, you ask? On a road trip to Portland and San Francisco, and yes, there will be some fabric shopping! So I need some recommendations from any of you who live near there or have visited. Fabric stores? Yarn stores? Good vegetarian restaurants? Anything else that is definitely worth checking out? Please share!

Grainline Portside Travel Set

Summer is here!

I’m so behind on reading blogs! It’s really tough to keep up in the summer since I spend most of my spare time at the beach 🙂

I “drafted” this bikini last summer by holding the fabric against my body, taking some measurements, and then transferring them to paper. I’m not sure if this is a proper method, but stretch fabric is just so forgiving that I don’t think it really matters! I tweaked the pattern a bit for this year, but it’s very similar: ruching at the back, keyholes with ties at the sides of the bottoms and at the center of the top. I used Sophie’s method for the straps  – a brilliant method of keeping the seam line at the back of the strap. I didn’t make them detachable, though. The straps ended up being really sturdy! They passed the test of my two-year-old niece tugging on them – no flashing!

20140626_175736 (800x790)

I used white swimsuit fabric as lining since the lining fabric at my local chain store was crazy expensive and looked really cheap. I got both the lining and the outer fabric from The Fabric Fairy. I highly recommend them – this swim fabric feels high quality and the prices are low. Even their shipping prices to Canada are pretty reasonable if you order enough for several swimsuits at a time.

I wasn’t brave enough to model the practice swimsuit I made last year, but after seeing so many swimsuits popping up around the blogs, I had to join in! I decided to take the pictures from a distance and keep my face covered, though. That makes it okay, right? Ha!

1 (800x702)

2 (800x600)

I thought this tree would be a perfect spot for a picture, but it was slippery and I almost fell in!

3 (800x600)

4 (777x800)

Baby duckies!!!


Anima Pants

It’s been a while! I guess that’s the great thing about blogging as a hobby versus a job. If life gets busy, or I just don’t feel like posting, I don’t have to! I do have several pieces to share with you over the next week, so maybe I’m just a binge blogger. I disappear for a month and then inundate your reader with lots of posts. Sorry!

Anyway, I started June with Back to Basics week, but I ended up having no time to sew that week, and I think I am the slowest sewist of all time, so I extended it into Back to Basics month for myself. I only made a camisole (self-drafted), tank top (modified Renfrew with gathers at the neckline), and Anima Pants (all shown below). I know a lot of sewists could get that list done in a day, but hey, that’s my pace. I need to learn to accept that and stop comparing myself to others. Oh, and a bikini. I almost forgot about that one! That’s coming in the next post.

Onto the Anima Pants! These are seriously the coziest, comfiest pants I have ever worn. I am quickly becoming a Papercut addict.

anima pants papercut patterns

Pattern: Anima Pants by Papercut Patterns
Fabric: 100% organic cotton interlock
Size: XXS (true to size)
Modifications: none

I used a fairly thick cotton interlock with no stretch, and I’m happy with how they fit. The only problem is that the butt gets a bit baggy after wear because I used fabric with no recovery.

anima pants papercut patterns

anima pants papercut patterns

Not much else to say about these pants except that they are going to get worn a lot! I’m just not sure about the whole track pants as fashion thing. I will wear these around the house for sure, and most likely to go for a walk or do yoga, but probably not to the store. How do you feel about track pants beyond their activewear/loungewear purpose?

I still had fun styling them for the competition, though! It was like playing dress-up in my own closet. I can definitely see myself wearing them with a slouchy sweater or throwing on a scarf or hand-knit cowl or shawl to walk to yoga. I tried to keep it realistic to my life. I don’t wear heels with dresses, so I’m not about to wear them with track pants!

(Yes, those are my handmade shoes that now look about 10 years old, and no, I still haven’t fixed the soles or tried to clean them, but I can’t stop wearing them – they’re so comfy! Now I’m thinking maybe I should have put on nicer shoes for the photos. Oh well!)

anima pants papercut patterns

anima pants papercut patterns