Me-Made-May ’14: outfits + reflections

This year, Me-Made-May has been a real eye-opener. Technically, I met my pledge of 15 completely me-made outfits (posted on Instagram), and some definite patterns emerged. I learned that May has three types of days where I live: sunny & warm, cool & dry, cold & rainy. So I’ve broken down my outfits into those three categories.

Sunny & Warm

These days were easy! My Midsummer Night’s Dream dresses 1 and 2, Cascade skirt, Chardon skirt, and Belcarra blouse were the items I reached for first. I also have lots of RTW dresses that fit this category, so I’m definitely not lacking here. I made a linen Sorbetto with wave pleats which I’m not super happy with, and I wore my Hawthorn blouse and skirt, but I’m not happy with the fit of those either. My alpaca sweater was cozy on cooler mornings.

Also, I wore my handmade shoes a lot! Even though they look about 10 years old now because I never got around to fixing the glue issue and the wax coating seems to be a dirt magnet, they’re so, so comfy!


Cool & Dry

I wore my grey jersey maxi skirt several times (but only took one picture) with various Renfrews. I quickly realized that this is the perfect outfit for cool, dry weather. Maxi skirts are great for keeping the cold wind off my legs and they’re so comfy. So I made a second one out of some linen jersey I’ve been saving for a year and I love it! I just need maybe one more maxi skirt or dress plus a few jersey Belcarras which I think will look nicer with the maxis than the Renfrews.

I also wore my Field Study Hawthorne skirt and handmade shoes while foraging for wild asparagus. It worked perfectly! The blue cardigan is also hand-knit.


Cold & Rainy

I wore my Tiramisu dress with a hand-knit sweater, leggings (both my self-drafted early attempts and my Ooh La Leggings), four Renfrews (most are unblogged), and Minoru jacket. Also hand-knit socks, hat, and fingerless mitts.

That last picture is a Plantain tee (unblogged) that was way too tight through the shoulders, so I hacked off the sleeves and turned them into a band at the bottom. At least it’ll work for yoga now.


This is where my wardrobe is seriously lacking. On a cold and rainy day, all I want to do is wrap myself in cozy knits, but I can’t wear my maxi skirts because they’ll get wet. I ended up wearing leggings most of the time, but I don’t really feel comfortable going out in those, especially since I only have Renfrews to go with them, but most of them aren’t long enough for decency and I feel like a bit of a slob in these outfits (especially since I made the leggings out of non-stretch so the knees bag out). I think the Moneta dress or a jersey wrap dress would be great to fill this gap, but I don’t like wearing tights in the spring (maybe thigh-high socks that I can scrunch down or take off if the sun comes out?). Narrow leg pants could work, but if they’re not comfy enough to wear around the house I probably won’t end up wearing them. And if I make them out of a knit, do I really want to go out in sweatpants? I can’t seem to solve this problem. What do you wear on rainy days when you want to be comfy but not feel like a slob?


So, for Back to Basics week this week, here are the major gaps in my wardrobe:

– Slips, undershirts, and tank tops. I was way too dependent on RTW for these items since I don’t have any me-mades.

– Belcarra blouses, jersey and woven.

– Hoodie. Confession: I sort of cheated by wearing a RTW hoodie around the house when I was cold and didn’t feel like dealing with alpaca fluff everywhere. I have one RTW hoodie that is old, paint-splattered, and has sleeves that are about two inches too short, but I wear it almost every day because it’s all I have. This needs to be a priority.

– Rainy day clothing. I don’t think I’ll be doing anything about this soon because I have no plan. I need to collect inspiration first.

– Shoes. I really need to make another pair with the new soling I got so I don’t look like a homeless person. #cantstopwearingcomfyuglyshoes


So how did Me-Made-May go for you? Any shocking revelations? Or big plans for Back to Basics week to fill the gaps?



13 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14: outfits + reflections

  1. Rebecca

    I love seeing all these looks! Here in florida rainy weather tends to still be warm, but on the few chilly days my go to’s are tunic dresses with leggings/tights. I’m with you, I definitely need more underthings,slips, tanks, etc to fill out my wardrobe. Hopefully I’ll get to those soon πŸ™‚ Me Made May was such fun!

    1. Chantal Post author

      Warm rain sounds lovely! I’ve been so jealous of your weather and beaches all May! Tunic dresses with leggings is a great idea. I’ll have to look for some patterns. Me Made May was definitely fun! I loved seeing all your outfits too!

  2. Melanie

    True bias is releasing a good looking pair of comfy pants soon called Hudson. I’ve seen a few of the pattern testers wear them out of the house as they’re quite trendy looking. Or maybe the Anita Ponti Pants by Tessuti could be good for cooler & wet weather. Again, you can leave the house in those.

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions, Melanie! I just bought the Anima pattern by Papercut which is pretty similar, so maybe that would work. If not, I’ll try out the others!

  3. Gwen Gyldenege

    I love that you split up your outfits by weather. It’s amazing how that can really reveal gaps in the wardrobe. I too had many pieces I wore that had never been photographed or blogged. It was very fun to finally show them off, though odd at the same time because having made them 3 years ago and wearing them already, I felt as though everyone already knew about them. Funny huh?

    1. Chantal Post author

      Yes, sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth the effort to photograph and blog yet another version of something I’ve already made, but the items definitely get worn a lot!

  4. Katie

    Great way to categorize your outfits. Thankfully by May Kansas is pretty much warm across the board!

    I was going to echo Melanie’s suggestion of the Hudson Pant or the Papercut Anima pant. I think those would be great for lounging but still being slightly more put together.

    And I’d echo tunics that you could wear over your leggings. Perfect Pattern Parcel #3 includes the poppy tunic that would work nicely (especially paired with your new hoodie!). The Wiksten Tova would also be a good option or Liesl & Co’s late lunch tunic or cappuccino tunic.

    I’ve also made the Pocketful of Posies dress from Blank Slate patterns and it makes a great lounging-around dress. Like wearing pajamas!

  5. Carolyn

    I love seeing all your different outfits, and congrats on achieving your MMM goal! The weather in May is all over the place where I live too, so it was actually a great month to try out my full range of handmade garments, just as you did.

    I agree that cold and rainy days are the hardest to dress for. I usually revert to jeans and boots on these days, but I like to throw on a blazer to feel less like a slob. Tunics and leggings are a great idea though – I’m making a mental note about this. πŸ™‚

    Good luck in your search for the perfect comfortable pants, and looking forward to more shoe posts as well!

  6. Chantal Post author

    That’s a great way to look at it – crazy weather means getting to test a wide range of outfits! I have so many ideas to try for rainy days now. I just need more sewing time!


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