Wardrobe Architect – Spring 2014

I’ve really enjoyed following along with the Wardrobe Architect series, developing a more coherent wardrobe plan, and seeing what everyone is planning for their own wardrobes, so I thought I’d share my plans with you!

Warning: this is a bit of a long post! I decided to put the entire series in one spot rather than doing each week separately. Feel free to skip over the text and just look at the pictures 😉

wardrobe architect colour palette

Colour Palette: I didn’t bother narrowing it down to a smaller subset because I like too many colours!

Climate/Weather: Spring is a tough season to dress for in the Okanagan (B.C., Canada). It can be really cold one day and really warm the next, not to mention the variability in one day. When I first moved here, I couldn’t believe it could actually be sunny and raining at the same time. It’s usually cold in the morning, nice in the afternoon, and then cold again in the evening (even in the summer because of the semi-desert climate), so layers are key. Because of this, I’ve decided to do two options for each outfit: one for when it’s warm, and then a layering option.

Lifestyle: I work from home, so that means I can wear whatever I want, but it also means I usually end up in sweatpants because they’re comfy when really I love wearing pretty dresses. So what I need is something to bridge the gap. Comfortable enough that I’ll actually wear it, but nice enough to wear out of the house.

Style: After doing all of the exercises and looking at lots of pictures, I think I would describe my ideal style as “elegant winter boho”. I love loose, flowing dresses, bright colours and prints, retro style fit-and-flare dresses, but I live in a climate that only allows me to wear these things for two or three months out of the year, so somehow I have to combine them with warmer layers to make it work. It’s a bit of a challenge!


wardrobe architect spring 2014

wardrobe architect spring 2014

wardrobe architect spring 2014

I think all three layering pieces are versatile enough to mix and match with most of the outfits – bonus!

I felt I needed a separate plan for yoga/workout wear. I’ve been obsessed with these Isabel Marant harem pants ever since I saw Morgan’s version. I love the relaxed/boho vibe and the fact that they’re not skin-tight like every other pair of yoga pants.

wardrobe architect spring 2014

Links to original sources on my Wardrobe Architect pinterest board.

The pieces I need to make, in order of importance (I really need to focus on the active-wear first since I have almost nothing!):

– 1 pair of charcoal lace-up ballet flats. Pattern: modified uku2 ballet flats
– 5 pairs of harem pants in a variety of colours. Pattern: I’m planning on drafting my own (unless anyone knows of a good pattern? I couldn’t find one), and block printing them with blocks from maiwa.
– 5 tank tops. Pattern: I’m planning on drafting my own or copying a RTW tank.
– 5 slouchy tees, cream/undyed. Pattern: Belcarra blouse in jersey. I can’t wait for this pattern to be released!
– 1 hoodie, probably cream/undyed fleece. Pattern: Avocado hoodie (The pattern calls for stretchy fabric, so I’m not sure if this will work).

And if I have any time left in spring after making my active-wear wardrobe, I’d like to make the following:

– 3 short-sleeve blouses, cream. Pattern: Belcarra blouse in a woven.
– 2 maxi skirts, turquoise and citrus print. Pattern: basic rectangle with elastic waist.
– 1 pair of ballet flats in either turquoise or charcoal, I can’t decide. Pattern: modified uku2 ballet flats
– 2 wrap dresses, one in coral (just finished, soon to be blogged), one in citrus print. Pattern: Midsummer Night’s Dream.
– 1 slip, cream. Pattern: Cinnamon.
– 1 jacket, sweatshirt fleece, dyed indigo. Pattern: Pavot
– 2 pairs of slouchy pants. Pattern: I haven’t found one I like yet (not too sloppy, not too fitted), so this is unlikely to happen until I learn drafting!

Items I already have: Cozy alpaca sweater and grey shrug (just finished and soon to be blogged). I also have lots of skirts, but no tops to go with them, so just making a few Belcarra blouses will instantly increase my outfit options with pieces I already have.

Whew! That’s a bit of a long list! Considering my sewing speed, this is probably a bit unrealistic, but most of the pieces seem quick and easy, so maybe I’ll get more of them done than I think.

Have you been following the Wardrobe Architect series? If you’ve posted about it on your blog, pinterest, or wherever, leave me a link. I love looking at other people’s styles!


9 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect – Spring 2014

  1. fabricfan

    I’m from North Van, just started this WA process. I understand about the layers. Some neat pattern choices.

  2. Rebecca

    Wow- great post-I love your looks! I can relate to the lifestyle bit, I’m trying to make some more comfortable/wearable looks so I don’t just wear my ratty yoga pants at home all day 🙂 Those harem pants are so awesome- I want some! I can’t wait to see what you make and love that you’re block printing the pants! I’m working on WA too- stop by and check out my blog posts or my pinterest boards, http://www.pinterest.com/RebeccaBurnett/

    1. Chantal Post author

      I’ve been following your boards on pinterest – we definitely have a style/interest overlap. I end up re-pinning practically everything you pin, ha ha! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make too!

  3. My Sewing Suite

    I’m working on it too. I look forward to seeing what you make. I find i get so distracted with new patterns and sewing challenges and this project has helped me focus on the things I need to complete my closet instead of scattered random pieces.

    1. Chantal Post author

      Me too! It’s hard not to get distracted by all of the amazing patterns that don’t suit your life or style, and sewalongs are just so much fun to participate in. I look forward to seeing what you make too.

  4. Lisa

    Really love the casual style you have and still feminine 🙂 Have you been to the style arc web site? They have some cute pants patterns that might suite you.
    Happy sewing. Love seeing what you make !!!!

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