Shoes: second attempt

After my first attempt at making shoes, I wanted to try a different pattern to see what else I could learn.

Shoeology Everyday Loafers

Pattern: Everyday Loafers by Shoeology
Size: 9
outer: 100% organic cotton canvas, lining: some kind of quilting cotton, buttons: coconut, inserts: 100% wool felt
Modifications: none

This time I followed the instructions and sewed up one practice shoe without interfacing, and I liked it, so I made another. The square toe fits my weirdly square feet perfectly, so I didn’t need to do any modifications this time.

The construction of this one is different than my last pair. Instead of a full lining, the lining and the outer are both sewn to the sole, and then a removable insert is used to cover the bottom. The instructions say to buy an insert and then spray glue fabric to it, but I made my inserts out of two layers of wool felt and stitched a layer of lining fabric on top to match. I don’t like how the unfinished edges are slightly visible with this method, but I like the removable inserts, so I think I’ll combine the two methods for my next pair.

Shoeology Everyday Loafers

Shoeology Everyday Loafers

These are super comfy, and I’ve been wearing them around the house non-stop, so I think I’ll consider these a successful pair of slippers, and a solid step towards wearable shoes!

Shoeology Everyday Loafers

And now a review and comparison/contrast of the two patterns for anyone who might be considering making shoes (or even just slippers):

Shoeology Everyday Loafers: The instructions on this pattern are not as detailed as the uku2 pattern (especially in terms of fit), but if you’re looking for a quick slipper pattern, the lack of extra detail could be a good thing. If you have square toes like me, they will probably fit without any modifications, so that’s a plus for some people. These fit a bit larger than the uku2 ones, so the fit is better with socks. Great pattern for a first pair.

uku2 Round Toe Slippers: The instructions are amazing and detailed. You can really tell she did her research, and if you want to get into the finer details of fitting, this pattern is great. She talks about the importance of accurate stitching, and it was a bit overwhelming at first because I thought any small mistake would wreck my slippers, but that’s really not the case. This pattern is great for taking slipper-making to the next level, and really perfecting it.

Overall, I’m glad I bought both patterns since I will be combining techniques from both, and maybe even using both patterns for future pairs. I think I’m ready to try making a real pair with outdoor soles next!

Shoeology Everyday Loafers



8 thoughts on “Shoes: second attempt

  1. Starry A

    Your shoes look like they fit you well, you should be proud :). I will be following your shoe-progress with interest!

    I am so eager to make my own shoes. I have tried fleece slippers/socks and would like to move on to shoes that look more ‘real’ like yours, the thing stopping me is that I have no idea where to buy soles for outdoor shoes. That and I can’t figure out how to do the support for the insole inside the shoe. Oh and my toes never get on with the seam at the front of the shoe when it is made from just two pieces tapering to a point…

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks! I got mine from here: and you can also get a different type here:

      As for support, I’m aiming for a minimalist shoe, which is pretty much the opposite of supportive, but I imagine if you have custom orthotic inserts (or even just the generic drugstore type), the shoes could be fit around them. The uku2 pair even has extra room for a slightly built-up heel. Or you could go for a pattern that is more structured. I came across this one in my search that might be more what you’re looking for (and also solve your toe seam issue since it’s a stitched-down style). I hope that gives you some options to explore!

      1. Starry A

        Thanks for the detailed response! After I left my comment I went on to Etsy and found the soul material in your second link. I like the patterns that shop has too (although the link to stitched-down shoes looks good too…) , so I think when I feel I can splurge out again (been buying too many sewing patterns recently), that will be my next project! I feel empowered already!

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