Ooh la leggings

I almost didn’t post this (who wants pictures of themselves in leggings all over the internet?), but there aren’t very many reviews of this pattern, so I decided to just do it and crop out my face – that makes it okay, right? 😉

First of all, let me just say that leggings are not the “easiest thing you can sew” as some people claim. This was an epic fit battle that started with me trying to draft my own pattern following various tutorials online. There was bunching and pulling and pinching of all kinds, and it wasn’t pretty. I had no idea leggings could actually be more uncomfortable than pants, but I managed to make some that were!

As one last shot, I decided to try Papercut’s Ooh La Leggings, and they fit (almost) perfectly right out of the envelope! I was ecstatic! For my first pair (navy, below), I used 100% organic cotton interlock with no stretch and they were just right. I was worried they would be too big since some other reviewers mentioned that, but I guess fabric choice has a lot to do with it. I was also expecting them to be too high around the waist, and extra loose there because of the positive ease (weird for leggings), but the top is almost 3″ below my natural waist, which cancels out the extra fabric because it sits on my hips. So I guess I was just lucky those factors happened to cancel out on me! Also, I didn’t find them too long like some people mentioned, but this could be because my fabric is not vertically stretchy. I’m 5’7″ by the way.

The only things I changed for my second pair were to take out a tiny bit of the front sides to make the side seam more vertical (it was leaning toward the back), and I lowered the front by 1″ to make it level with the back). Modifications pictured below. I made the second pair out of 100% wool interlock (again, no stretch) from Nature’s Fabrics. Described as “taupe”, but in reality the colour kind of reminds me of a hundred-year-old teddy bear – not a pretty brown. But at least they’re warm!

Okay, time for pictures. I hope this helps someone who might be thinking of making these! Sorry for the VPL. I made size XXS, which matched my measurements, and I used a twin needle to top-stitch all the seams.

5 (800x533)

Papercut Patterns Ooh la leggings

2 (533x800)

Papercut Patterns Ooh La Leggings

4 (533x800)



13 thoughts on “Ooh la leggings

  1. My Sewing Suite

    They look really good, and thanks for the photo. I was curious about how they looked with the seams.

  2. Kelly

    The seaming on these is really great, thanks for being brave and showing your leggings here! I just made a couple pair from the Megan Nielsen Virginia pattern and they fit pretty great- and I can sew a pair in about 30 minutes! I may try this one for something different though 🙂

    1. Chantal Post author

      I almost tried that one, but it doesn’t come in my size and seems to be designed for super stretchy fabrics, which I don’t like, but those two things might cancel out, so maybe I’ll have to try that one for something faster 🙂

  3. rachel

    They both look awesome! Also interested in hearing that the interlock from Nature’s Fabrics worked well. I think I have some plain undyed stuff kicking around, I might have to bite the bullet and order this pattern for it!

    1. Chantal Post author

      Thanks, Rachel! I have some of the undyed stuff too that I’m planning on using with this pattern. It really is perfect for wool interlock.

  4. Naia

    I have recently made a few pair of the Oooh La Leggings, I love them. I also top stitched with a twin needle, I thought it would be more subtle than the pintucking. I cut a few inches off the bottoms to prevent the bunching of fabric around the ankles.

    Have you washed them much? I had some wear issues when I used a thicker jersey material. Next time I will loosen up the tension on the serger and sewing machine. I am getting some noticeable little holes along the seams (on both a think wool pair and a thick cotton interlock material). After this winter, the cotton pair is almost unwearable.

    1. Chantal Post author

      I’ve washed the cotton pair many times, and I’ve just had the usual wear issues: a bit of pilling all over and bagginess in the knees (which is fixed after each wash) since my fabric had no stretch. I haven’t had any tiny holes forming, but that did happen to me on a cotton t-shirt I made, and I think it was just cheap quality fabric.

      The wool pair pilled in the pre-wash, but fairly uniformly, so they just look fuzzy, and they look the same now as when I made them. They don’t get as baggy with wear since they’re wool. No holes on this pair either. I used a ballpoint needle for both and a universal twin for the top-stitching (no serger). I used cotton thread for both, which isn’t as strong as polyester, so maybe that helped not pull on the fabric as much? I’m not sure, but that is frustrating when something becomes unwearable!

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